A Caring Touch by Carolyn Certified Massage Therapist

Massage therapist treating a client.


My Mission

If you decide to accept it,

is to bring health back in a pure natural way! To help bring awareness to your body's wants, needs and requirements! To help increase the positive and eliminate the negative!
Inspiring to make a difference mind, body & soul!

This Mission is NOT Impossible!

Thank you for exploring my site!

I've always had a desire to help and nurture others with a smile, bringing joy and laughter. Helping to lift your spirit, changing a bad day into a better day, if possible a great day!  I graduated High School in 1980, I've had technical training, worked in a restaurant, worked in factories, been a lifeguard and taught life skills to our special needs community. After multiple shoulder rubs and suggestions of me making massage a career, I did just that.

I've been a Massage Therapist since 2005. I began my career at American Academy School of Massage Therapy, Manhattan Kansas. I joined American Massage Therapy Association ( AMTA ) as a student and am now a professional member. After countless hours of CEU’s and personal training. I have developed a unique and very effective technique of body work and the reward of sharing it with others. People of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, social and economical diversities with a variety of needs: physical, mental, and emotional.

However the greatest privilege, honor and humbling experience I have ever had is proudly working with our military soldiers battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of all levels. To bring relaxation, to help lessen the personal battle they are experiencing, has been most gratifying.

Thank you, once again for exploring my site and I hope to be a part of your health and wellness plan!